IZZY POWER DC to AC Car Inverter HT-P-1800-12 1800 Watt 12 Volts

IZZY POWER DC to AC Car Inverter HT-P-1800-12 1800 Watt 12 Volts - Professional series

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Additional Information :
Professional series
Smart Start Function :Maximizing Startup Performance
Dynamic DC Bus Voltage Regulation
Soft start technology. Improves Reliability

How to use it ;
  1. Connect the inverter cable with vehicle's batteries, then turn on the power switch, LED indicator will be light up.
  2. Plug an AC product into AC socket and turn it on
    Model No.HT-P-1800-12 | HT-P-1800-24
    AC Output VoltageAC 100V
    AC 120V
    AC 230V
    Output Power Continuous1800W
    Max Output power3600W
    Regulation+- 5%
    Output Wave FormModified Sine Wave
    DC Input Voltage9.5 ~ 16v | 19 ~ 32v
    Input Low Voltage AlarmYes
    Input Low Voltage ProtectionYes
    Input High Voltage ProtectionYes
    Output short circuit protectionYes
    Temperature instructionYes
    Battery voltage indicatorYes
    Output Watt indicatorYes
    Output Frequency50/60Hz +-3%
    Efficiency> 85%
    No load Current Draw0.25 A | 0.2 A
    Temperature Protection55 C +- 5 C
    Overload ProtectionYes
    Dimension510 x 274 x 105
    Net Weight7.3 kg
    Gross Weight9.0

Overtemp Protection : LED sparkles when product temperature gets high, it would shut down automatically while temperature arrives 55±5?.
Overload Protection : Orange LED lights when inverter shut down due to overloading. Inverter would re-start twice, if failed, inverter would shut down.
Please turn inverter OFF, reduce load and turn inverter ON to reset.
Digital Display or remote control : Display under battery voltage mode and load watts (Kw unit) mode, you can select the mode as your demand.
Fault Indicator : When the below status occur, and Display shows the below words:
   HVP: high voltage protection.
   LVP: low voltage protection.
   OLP: over load protection or short circuit protectio
Trouble Shooting :
ProblemPossible causeSolution
Overload output short circuitMake sure that inverter cable connect to battery wellreset the cable
no voltage indicatorInternal fuse blown outchange new fuse
inverter shuts down and overload light showoverloadreduce load
inverter shuts down and overtemp light showOvertemperatureimprove ventilation
low battery alarmbattery volt is lowchange battery

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