Modem GSM BOLT! Huawei E5372s Super 4G LTE 72 Mbps

Review Produck Modem GSM BOLT! Huawei E5372s SLIM Mobile Hotspot Wifi - Super 4G LTE 72 Mbps 

Step into the world BOLT ! 4G LTE super super speeding
BOLT ! Super 4G LTE ( Long Term Evolution ) is a new way to surf the broadband connection speed of 10x compared to a regular provider.

With BOLT ! 4G LTE super super fast loading time , the connection is super speeding quota price coupled with super-powerful . You surf the world will change completely.
The first provider deploying 4G LTE technology that offers super fast internet speed is also selling LTE modem ZTE MF90 subsidized the first time Bolt was issued along with the package . Now there is a second -generation LTE modem is the Huawei E5372S is sold in two types and Max Slim versions . In this section , I will review from the user side , which is more sexy , which is much faster , which is more convenient to use and which one is better signal reception . I have had both the LTE modem and use them together .
Physically, I have never seen a new version of the modem E5372S other than viewing of images on the internet , but it shows the front view . Based on its name , is no word SLIM which I think is small . After purchasing and compare the two , this new version of the modem looks fatter ( thicker ) , and the shape , less sexy than a slender MF90 . Color these two species are both white but MF90 similar to Caucasians ( white actually ) while E5372S like the Asian ( yellow-white ) . Which do you prefer of course depends on your taste .
In features , the modem MF90 offers only the main features are that the mi - fi modem LTE . There is no other function and is different from the Huawei E5372S which offers additional features called Internet Wifi . This feature allows the E5372S modem connected to an existing wireless network so you can access the Internet from outside the network through a modem , so you do not eroded LTE pulse . In addition , this feature may be useful when LTE networks are weak and you are at a location that has free wi - fi . Useful ? almost useless because if you can get free wifi , to what mi - fi turn you again ? Just go to the free wifi connection instead ? But there is one function that is interesting because you get your equipment functioning as a wifi repeater that extends the existing wireless jangkaun but unfortunately , this feature is also almost useless . Based on experiments , it is quite weak E5372 signal in terms of signal reception . Compared to the iPhone 5S that I use , the tool is less sensitive in the wifi signal reception . In addition , Wi - Fi by transmitting E5372S too weak and could not be expected to emit a signal that far .
Fortunately , receiving a weak signal from the E5372 can be helped easily because there are two places reserved for the use of an external antenna , but this time , there is no antenna sold by Internux .
Another advantage of the new version of this modem is a feature of the display is quite useful . This display can display the signal strength , SSID and password are used , the internal and external IP addresses , the use of MB since turned on and so forth . This display does not live continuously for these modem active . By reason of battery , this display is only active for a few seconds then turn off automatically even if the modem feature is active . You have to press a button to activate this display to see the information . MF 90 lamp continues to burn , whether red , or green so that you can know directly . So the display features in this new modem has the advantages as well as disadvantages compared to the MF 90 .
Ease of Use
The second use of this modem is actually no different so far but I prefer this because E4372S seem easier to turn on and turn it off than with MF 90 that sometimes knows how long the button must be pressed . In addition , the power button is slightly concave inward, making it more rare modem ON inadvertently exposed as often happens in modem MF 90 .

Both modems have been able di'jailberak ' which means you can use a card other than the card bolt with dc - unlocker tools , but I 've never done it so can not give much comment.
Endurance Battery
Unlike the MF90 which only use one type of battery , E5372S sold in two types namely the type of slim and max . If MF90 according to its specifications can last about 6 hours , E5372S slim type can only last 5.5 hours while that can last up to 10 hours max . Although I did not count them exactly , max version that I use can indeed last all day without the need to re-charge .
Performance and Signal Strength
Among all that , there are among the most important and E5372S modem MF90 , which is the power of 4G signal reception . Based on the chip used , many say that MF90 has better sensitivity than E5372S but I do not get it . Based on some experiments in some places , I do not feel the difference between these two modems . Acceptance rate signal and speedtest shows that I did this same thing a second modem .
Modem GSM BOLT! Huawei E5372s  Super 4G LTE 72 Mbps
Modem GSM BOLT! Huawei E5372s  Super 4G LTE 72 Mbps
Modem GSM BOLT! Huawei E5372s  Super 4G LTE 72 Mbps
Modem GSM BOLT! Huawei E5372s  Super 4G LTE 72 Mbps
Modem GSM BOLT! Huawei E5372s  Super 4G LTE 72 Mbps

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