Jual Murah LED LENSER T5 Series Model 7415

LED LENSER T5 Series Model 7415

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The LED LENSER® T5 is smaller than a thumb, weighs less than 100 g and achieves a luminous flux of 90 lumens*. This is about one and a half times the power provided by a conventional electric torch that is ten times heavier. ** Technically, the LED LENSER® T5 corresponds to the LED LENSER® P5, but its shape and grip are adjusted to meet the requirements of tactical units. The combination of pushbutton and switch enables you to switch at lightning speed, while the Speed Focus allows you to generate a light dome (light cone) according to your needs or mission. An inexpensive AA battery provides up to 3 hours of light.

We reserve the right to make changes within the product development.
* Light output (lumens) / max. battery lifetime with one battery set (hours) / max. beam distance (meter). 
Average values that may vary +/- 15 % depending on type of chip and batteries. Beam distance and light output of the brightest function.
** Capacity of included batteries at delivery.
*** EU Patent 1880139, US Patent 11/662,309

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