Jual Modem Murah Option iCON 322 QuickSilver HSUPA USB Stick - Black

Option iCON 322 QuickSilver HSUPA USB Stick - Black     

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As well as being the smallest HSUPA USB device on the market (just 66 x 17 x 25 mm when closed), the iCON 322 is also the first Icera-based HSUPA USB device in the world.
It features the latest, high-speed data access technologies both for HSUPA upload and HSDPA download, and enables virtually global usage in GPRS/EDGE networks.

The award-winning design of the iCON 322 houses the antenna in the swivel, thereby improving performance in poor coverage areas. The swivel also serves as the USB connector protection ‘cap’, while the connector itself is offset to provide easy access to adjacent USB ports.

All this performance and functionality is packed into a device that fits easily into the palm of your hand – ideal for the mobile professional.

Tri-band HSUPA USB modem for professional users

  • Easy to use: Insert, follow the instructions and click to connect
  • Future proof through upgradeable firmware in Flash Memory
  • Compact and lightweight: Just 66 x 25 x 17 mm (closed)
  • Configured for worldwide operation
  • Smart, intuitive design features

Powering and Interfacing

  • Powering is done through the USB interface
  • Multi-color status LED indicators built into swivel
  • Terminal Eguipment interfaces:
    • USB 2.0 High Speed interface, fully compatible with USB 1.1 interface
    • SIM card interface compliant with 3 GPP 31.101 and 31.102 supporting 1.8 and 3V UICCs
    • Drivers: Windows® 2000 Pro, Personal and XP Pro / Home 32/64bit, Windows® Vista 32/64bit, Mac OS X, Linux
  • PCSC compatible driver, compliant with ISO 7816 and 3GPP TS11.11 supporting only USIMs which have logical channel support
  • SIM-ME interface as specified in 3GPP GSM TS11.11 and GSM 11.12 and with compliance to ISO 7816
  • SIM Application toolkit capable SIM to 3GPP GSM TS11.14
  • NDIS or Standard modem emulation for compatibility with terminal programs/diallers and for use with proprietary operating systems. AT Interface 3GPP TS27.005, ATD*99# and ATD*99***# support


  • GlobeTrotter Connect for Windows and Mac.
  • Linux drivers available

Approvals and certifications

  • All applicable regulatory approvals (i.e. FCC, R&TTE, GCF), Operator and Infrastructure IOT
  • Microsoft WHQL certified drivers

Available accessories

A lanyard and / or USB cable can be added

Voice features


Assisted/Standalone GPS



  • Operating Temperature -10 to +55ยบC
  • RoHS compliant


  • Multi-band FDD support
  • 850, 1900 & 2100 band support
  • No Rx diversity
  • Equalization
  • Power Class 3 (+24dBm)
  • HSUPA 1,46 Mbps: Category 3
  • HSDPA 1.8: Categories 1-4, 11 and 12
  • HSDPA 3.6: Categories 5 and 6
  • UMTS: 384 kbps operation in downlink, 384 kbps in uplink
  • Support UL and DL Compressed Modes
EDGE/GSM AIr Interface:
  • 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • GSM Power Class 4 (2W) for 850/900 bands
  • GSM Power Class 1 (1W) for 1800/1900 bands
  • EDGE class E2 (+27 dBm in 850/900 bands, +26 dBm in 1800/1900 bands)
  • GPRS/EGPRS Class B Type 1MT
  • 3GPP ReI99 with selected ReI4 features
  • EDGE 8PSK class E2 (+27 dBm in 850/900 bands, +26dBm in 1800/1900 bands)
  • EDGE data throughput (peak): 247 Kbps
  • EDGE data throughput (average): 200Kbps uplink and 215 Kbps downlink

66 x 17 x 25 mm closed
The main body's paint and swivel's resin can be produced in any color
Customization Options
The stickers on the main body and back of the swivel can be customized
Packaging Options
Blister Packaging

Commercial product information

PDF document

Mac OS
iCON 322  
Designed for Windows XP
iCON 322  
Certified for Windows Vista
iCON 322 

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