Jual modem murah ZTE Vodafone K4505-Z HSPA 21.6 Mbps - White

ZTE Vodafone K4505-Z HSPA 21.6 Mbps - White    

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The Vodafone K4505-Z USB Modem Stick Pro has plenty to offer, for it’s  a fine HSPA+ USB modem. For those of you who are wondering what HSPA+ is all about, its a wireless broadband standard that provides HSPA downlink data rates of up to 56 Mbit/s and up to 22 Mbit/s uplink data rate. The K4505-Z can thus provide you with high-speed mobile broadband connectivity during your travels across the world, being a quad band GSM as well as a quad band UMTS device.

The Vodafone K4505-Z has a maximum download speed of about 21.6 Mbps and about 5.76 Mbps of upload speed. Such figures are indicative of this USB modem’s preparedness to take on new heights. The K4505-Z requires a free disk space of at least 100 MB and about 256 MB RAM memory.

  • Fast speeds for Internet and Email: 28.8 Mbps download /  5.7 Mbps upload 
  • USB interface for connection to notebooks and desktops with a unique design and small size.
  • "Plug and go": Installation and use without a CD. 
  • Support for microSD memory cards up to 32GB 
  • Automatic switch from and to GPRS / 3G / 3G+ depending to network coverage

Minimum system requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit), XP (SP2), Vista (32 bit & 64 bit )
  • Apple Mac: OS X 10.5.1 Leopard or latest version
  • 256MB RAM, 150MB free disk space

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